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It's often extremely difficult for artists to step back from the day-to-day activities to see the big picture. A knowledgeable manager can see how everything in the big picture fits together, and can help the artist navigate through the often-confusing maze of activities that seem unrelated yet are all part of a massive jigsaw puzzle. The manager provides career guidance and helps to set the overall game plan for the artist and the artists' team to follow.

Artists look to the manager to take the chaos of a prospective career and organize it into the prospect for success”

– Paul Allen

Even though fans are the main cheerleaders for an artist, the Manager has to communicate the same enthusiasm to the music business community, trumpeting the artists' message to record labels, booking agents, promoters, media personnel, sponsors, independent retail accounts, etc., in order to all engaged and enthusiastic.

The "lets-record-a-3-song-demo-and-shop-it-for-a-record-deal" mentality of artist management is over. The music industry continues to undergo significant changes and new business models are emerging everyday. Only those managers that stay at the leading edge of the learning curve will create successful strategies and provide meaningful counsel to their clients.

Sue Melke has always had a passion for music, in particular singer/songwriters. For over 15 years, Sue and the team have dedicated time and resources to provide professional quality artist representation.

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