Say it Loud

Branding is the key defense against commoditization. Commoditization is when one company’s products and services become perceived by buyers as being interchangeable with those of another company resulting in the decision to buy, being price driven.

Yes, YOU Need a Brand.


  • Quality
  • Positioning
  • Communications
  • Credibility
  • Internal Marketing
  • Long Term perspective
  • Repositioning

The value of branding - intelligent, relevant, branding that effectively differentiates you from your competition - has never been higher.

But the coolness of presence is not enough. It's more about what you do when you're there.

Rock stars and Celebrities are larger than life, full of emotion and sex appeal. Celebrities compel us to become fans and spend lots of money.

Implement the core marketing and branding strategies behind the success of some of the biggest names in the industry and make your brand rich and famous in your desired marketplace.



MELKE Branding, Marketing & Licensing Specialists @ 2012.