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Celebrities systematically adorn the covers of weekly magazines, selling out concerts and sporting events to millions of adoring fans around the globe. Make your brand a Celebrity and reach out to the largest database of consumers in the world.

FansFans Celebrities Have Fans FansFans

Fans are attracted to a favorite celebrity because of their perceived ability to entertain and become a social focus such as “I love to talk with others who admire my favorite celebrity” and “I like watching and hearing about my favorite celebrity when I am with a large group of people”.

With an unquenchable thirst for entertainment, your consumer is already exposed and dedicated to Music, Film, Sports and Lifestyle.

We will customise a promotion to offer your consumer access to their favourite Celebrities, behind the scenes. Stage a Backstage after show event, a Sound-Check party, a Day in the Life of, Tour With or PA for a day, being just a few examples.

Produce consolation prizes for the masses with access to exclusive digital content about the Celebrity and guarantee a memorable and interactive promotional experience for your consumer.

Case Studies

  1. Gift With Purchase
Maxxium brands – Absolut, Cointreau, Galliano, Remy Martin, Piper Heidsleck and Baron Von Scheuters
Tequila Sydney
  • Instant Win GWP offer was run across 500 outlets throughout Australia to increase sales of the collective brands
  • Three collectible CDs (Entrée, Main and Dessert mix) packaged in classy digi-pack design with matt aqueous varnish carried six cocktail recipes utilising the associated brands
  • The CDs were marketed as a set and encouraged consumers to make multiple purchases from within the Maxxium range to ensure they secured the full set which featured artists including Norah Jones, Kinobe, Stylophonic, Deep Dish and Room 5.
Paton's Chocolates
Paton's Australia
  • IMAX ‘Australia’ - Land Beyond time DVD attached to triple packs of Paton’s Macadamias
  • Premium offer targeting gift purchases from Duty Free stores in Australia
  • Multi lingual presentation in five languages Paton's Chocolates
  • Secured additional off location displays including in store TV
  • Increased interest and store traffic resulting in incremental spend.
Murine Eye Care
Murine Eye Care
  • A well established brand of eye care products which provide relief for dry & tired eyes.
  • Implementing a national in-store promotion featuring 3 of their key eye drops – ‘Party Eyes Relief’’, ‘Red Eye Relief’ and ‘Dry Eye Relief’
  • The target market was predominantly an adult female skew and the music chosen by the client was café del mar chillout style.
  • The promotion was ‘gift with purchase‘ via selected chemists, pharmacies, beauty supply chains - purchase one or more of the above mentioned Murine eye care products and receive a music CD of chill out tunes
  • The promotion was supported by in-store materials and magazine advertisements
  • The CD packaging clearly displayed the 3 Murine eye drop products being promoted reinforcing the brand for consumers
  • The campaign was specifically designed to have a short term branding impact in the marketplace and was successful for the client
  1. Coupon Redemption
Polo Black – Ralph Lauren
  • Promotion of Ralph Lauren's 'Polo Black' fragrance for men featured a full-page advertisement that carried the CD cover as a tip-on in Men’s Style magazine
  • Readers presented the CD cover to selected retailers to redeem their copy of the 'Black Tracks disc in addition to a sample of the new fragrance
  • The 8 track music CD featured a contemporary selection of cutting edge Euro chill/lounge music targeting 35+ male/female market
  1. Gift Pack
Cointreau & Dirty Dancing DVD
  • The promotion packaged a movie title as a GWP for Cointreau’s Christmas andMothers Day in-store campaigns, with the target demographic being women 25+
  • Both campaigns centred on the purchasing of a bottle of Cointreau (700ml) alcohol to receive a fee DVD of the hit digitally re-mastered anniversary edition of the classic ‘Dirty Dancing’. The DVD Dirty Dancingwas packaged in a beautifully presented gift box alongside the Cointreau.
  • Melke negotiated the rights to re-package the movie with Cointreau and allow use of the original ‘Dirty Dancing’ movie logo, artwork images, providing a strong product recognition factor for consumers.


Southern Comfort + Bonus CD
  • Southern ComfortTracks were negotiated across a number of record labels to reflect the heritage of Louisiana/New Orleans.
  • Bonus CD
  • The TV soundtrack, performed by Jeff Skunk Baxter was extended and included as the opening track on the CD. Baxter was flown to Australia and performed live on various national TV shows and radio stations in support of the campaign
  • This limited edition gift pack included a half bottle of Southern Comfort along with the unique music CD which received incredible music reviews throughout the country in both mainstream and music press.
  • Over 40,000 units were sold during the Christmas period.

Direct Mail

  • AussieAussie, Australia’s leading home loan and mortgage broker with more than 250,000 customers produced an Aussie pop rock CD to reward loyal customers via direct mail. The branded CD was also given to new customers as an‘ ’incentive’’ to establish a home loan with the banking giant.
  • Given the great response, Aussie chose to exercise the option to renew the direct mail campaign, incorporating an updated packaging design for 2012.
  • AAMI, one of the top 5 insurance agencies in Australia, created this direct mail piece as a thank you gift sent to key milestone policy holders as an integral part of AAMI’s “Rating One For Life” campaign.
  • With an astounding 100% over the targets results, the campaign quickly became AAMI’s most successful Marketing efforts and achieved award-winning recognition in the area of Rewards Direct Mail.
  • Brand referrals were at an all time high and renewals spiked due to the extraordinary amount of positive feedback from policyholders and consumers in general. This prompted a reorder of a further 400,000 units of the 10 track music CD packaged in an Australia post compliant cardboard mailer.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) & the Colonial Bank
  • As Australia’s 2012 Mortgage Lender of the Year, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia help tailor home loans, offering information necessary to make smarter property decisions.
  • Both the Commonwealth Bank and the Colonial Bank ran with this music CD mailer promotion, producing two separate discs (Chill Out and Jazz) for each brand.
  • Dependent upon whether the sale was for a home-buyer or for an investment, one of the CD mailers was forwarded as a congratulatory gift for the said acquisition.
  • The campaign was an astounding success and was renewed on multiple occasions running for an additional five (5) years.

Trade Promotions

Kelloggs Coco Pops
    Kelloggs Coco Pops
  • A Five track Classic rock CD premium was produced to target the key demographic of male store managers 35 – 55 years. The CD was used as a promotional gift for Woolworths store managers to co-incide with the launch of a new Kelloggs breakfast cereal “Coco Rocks”.
  • Songs like “Wild Thing” and “Sweet Home Alabama” as well as Steve Winwoods 80’s hit “Higher Love’’ were included on the CD which was licensed and produced in just under 4 weeks!
  • Packaging was standard cardboard sleeve with effective branding opportunity.
  1. Brand Marketing Tool
Sheraton Hotels
    Sheraton DVD
  • For more than 70 years, Sheraton has enjoyed a history as vibrant and spirited as the travelers it welcomes. A Sheraton Hotels DVD was produced to tell the story and showcase the establishment to potential travelers and businesses wishing to stage conventions and special events.


  • Eukanuba, is owned by Procter & Gamble, produces seven formulas for dogs based on age, breed and performance area. All formulas include the Eukanuba Vital Health System™ which consists of clinically proven ingredients in six areas that work together to keep dogs at their best. The DVD was produced to educate trainers and owners on the benefits of the product in addition to puppy training tips.



Ms Readathon
  • MS ReadathonMS Australia holds Australia’s premier annual reading based fundraiser encouraging Australians to read books and also simultaneously raises funds to help people who are living with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • This fundraising event goes for 3 months attracting young children/
  • Melke negotiated the rights for a popular CD-ROM educational game called "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego". Each successful participant in the MSD Readathon received a copy of the game as a prize.
  • As well as licensing the CD-ROM content, Melke also secured the rights to replicate the complete design of the games cover & slick as well as secure approval for inclusion of the organizations logo on the packaging.
  1. Branded Retail Product
40 Years Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
  • 40 Years of RockA celebration of the 40 year anniversary of the first rock 'n' roll recording released in Australian history.
  • A national TVC and radio campaign launched this 4 cd set, packaged in a 6 panel folder, in conjunction with an 8 pg Australian Rock Music supplement in The Australian newspaper Retailed at $39.95 plus P&H.



MELKE Branding, Marketing & Licensing Specialists @ 2012.